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Umbrella Coach & Buses is a member of a group of companies organized under Umbrella Mobility SE. It specializes in both long-term and short-term rental of high-standard buses and in providing regular bus service. Its daughter company Umbrella City Lines secures urban and suburban transport service in Hamburg. Its registered offices are in Prague and Hamburg. Our local headquarters are found in Copenhagen, Dresden, Berlin, and Munich. It is one of the major business partners of the German-based company FlixBus with which it cooperates on the European market. Umbrella Coach & Buses is the only member of the prestigious organization Global Passenger Network (GPN), Czech Republic, thanks to which it can provide its clients with the excellent standard of services in all GPN member states.

Our team

Tomáš Halla

CFO, Prokurist

Phone: +420 601 303 305

E-mail: tomas.halla@umbrellabuses.com

Czech, English, German

Petr Jurecka

Chief Executive Officer, CEO

Phone: +420 733 555 035

E-mail: petr.jurecka@umbrellabuses.com

Czech, English

Petr Tláskal

Chief Financial Officer

Phone: +420 703 490 606

E-mail: petr.tlaskal@umbrellabuses.com

German, English

Pavel Valenta

Chief Operations Officer, COO

Phone: +420730197197

E-mail: pavel.valenta@umbrellabuses.com

Czech, English

Heiko Höhn

Operation Supervisor (Germany)

Phone: +49 (0) 170 37 00 990

E-mail: heiko.hoehn@umbrellabuses.com

German, English

Milo Voss

Traffic Manager (Germany)

Phone: +49 (0)170 37 00 991

E-mail: milo.voss@umbrellabuses.com

German, English

Zdeněk Gottvald

Quality Manager, QM

Phone: +420731137707

E-mail: zdenek.gottvald@umbrellabuses.com

Czech, English, German

Radim Vašut

Operation Supervisor

Phone: +420 730 197 757

E-mail: radim.vasut@umbrellabuses.com

Czech, English

Lukáš Vašků

Head of planning

Phone: +420

E-mail: lukas.vasku@umbrellabuses.com

Czech, English

Lubomír Novotný

Head of legal department

Phone: +420 601 308 401

E-mail: lubomir.novotny@umbrellabuses.com

Czech, German

Věra Lebidi

Management Assistant

Phone: + 49 (0) 171 865 6861

E-mail: vera.lebidi@umbrellabuses.com

Czech, English, German

Renata Klepáčková

Office Assistant

Phone: +420 601 308 402

E-mail: renata.klepackova@umbrellabuses.com

Czech, English, German